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Silverstone Developments specialises in Property Development; our success is driven by our ability to move quickly, coupled with a willingness to adapt to the demands of the market and the economy.

This is supported by a strong team of experts in a wide range of fields, including:

Property Development
Property Investment
Project and Construction Management
Property leasing
Joint Venture Partnerships
Sales and Marketing
Equity / Debt Raising


Silverstone Developments stands out in the property development industry by focusing on high quality residential, retail and commercial developments in and around South East Queensland.

This explicit focus ensures they not only have a forensic understanding of the relevant geographic locations, but also the local political and industrial hurdles and how best to manage these to deliver optimised results.



Through its market understanding and acquisition processes, Silverstone is able to acquire target properties for both internal property trusts, as well as external clients. Silverstone has very strong agent and valuer relationships, which enables them to acquire properties at the best possible terms. It also has the depth of experience with acquisition and entity structuring to optimise purchasing arrangements.

Project and construction

Through its team of Project and Development Managers, Silverstone is able to enter into agreements with external parties to manage the delivery of external projects from inception through to delivery; as well as being available to respond to needs as they arise.

Silverstone works with various stakeholders to complete projects successfully, as well as value-add to minimise losses.


Following its successful move in to commercial and retail development management, Silverstone has developed significant expertise in Property Leasing and is now focusing on this as a core part of its business and seeking new opportunities in this growth area.

Joint Venture

Silverstone prides itself on working with joint venture partners to achieve a mutually rewarding outcome. Silverstone’s joint venture models can be responsively applied across different projects, and include:

  • Arrangement with existing land owners for Silverstone to develop property
  • Equity investment from joint venture parties into Silverstone projects
  • Funds Management and Managed Investments
  • Straight joint venture arrangements with developers, funders or land holders

Sales and

In addition to a capable, experienced and expert internal sales and legal team, Silverstone Developments has also developed a strong network of external agents and selling groups. These external relationships have resulted from consistent delivery of high quality projects which are on time and on program, giving external parties the confidence to promote Silverstone’s product.

The sales team is supported by external researchers who are engaged directly by Silverstone. This research enables Silverstone to ensure that they are on the mark with sales prices, ensuring great value for money for end users and valuations in line with contracts.

Equity and
Debt Raising

With a solid financial position and a track record of delivering projects on time and on budget, Silverstone has been able to develop strong relationships with external funding groups.  Silverstone deals directly with the major senior debt funders in Australia, and has developed strong relationships with debt and mezzanine funders, providing a variety of funding solutions for suitably leveraged developments.

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